Need More Cash?

Earn up to $3,800/week* by giving away FREE service and devices!**Become A Contractor 

Who We Are:

Unity Wireless offers the Affordable Connectivity Program services, which is a government funded program that help low-income Americans already receiving assistance through Medicaid, SNAP, and SSI and other support, receive free wireless and internet communication services and products. Become an independent contractor and keep qualified customers connected to family, friends, doctors, work, and school.

What You’ll Get:
Earn Thousands per week* — the highest paying ACP Provider in the industry
Limitless Earning Potential
Super Flexible Schule. Be Your Own Boss
Pick a Location You Want To Service
Best 4G/5G Smart Tablets
Direct Deposit With No Hassle
Reliable Supply Of Inventory

What You’ll Do:

Offer FREE Broadband Service That Runs On T-Mobiles Ultra Fast Network
Provide Super High-Qualify Smart 4G/5G Tablets
User-Friendly Enrollment Portal To Sign Up Customers
Help Serve Qualifying Low-Income Americans To Stay Connected To Their Loved Ones

More Reasons to Join Us

Unity Wireless Is recognized as one of the nation’s approved providers of the affordable connectivity program. Our company’s mission is to connect eligible customers in the united states. We are fulfilling our obligation by consistently providing reliable, Economical, And high-quality connected tablets to qualified low-income individuals as well as those who participate in government programs such as SNAP, Medicaid, SSI, And More. At unity wireless we are known for our excellent customer support and FREE wireless solutions. All approved customers who sign up for ACP services through unity wireless will receive FREE connected service and a smart tablet with a one-time payment of $10.01. At unity wireless, you get to enjoy no monthly bills, No Fees, No Credit Checks, No Surcharges, And No Contracts.