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What You Should Know About Us ? 

About The Affordable Connectivity Program

Unity Wireless Is recognized as one of the nation’s approved providers of the affordable connectivity program. Our company’s mission is to connect eligible customers in the united states. We are fulfilling our obligation by consistently providing reliable, Economical, And high-quality connected tablets to qualified low-income individuals as well as those who participate in government programs such as SNAP, Medicaid, SSI, And More. At unity wireless we are known for our excellent customer support and FREE wireless solutions. All approved customers who sign up for ACP services through unity wireless will receive FREE connected service and a smart tablet with a one-time payment of $10.01. At unity wireless, you get to enjoy no monthly bills, No Fees, No Credit Checks, No Surcharges, And No Contracts.



What We Do ?

Unity Wireless is one of the few ACP providers in the country. Our company’s purpose is to link people to their environment wirelessly, regardless of their financial situation. We are achieving this objective by regularly providing qualified low-income individuals in the United States with reliable, affordable, and high-quality wireless service. We provide the service and savings that our customers demand, thanks to our exceptional customer service.

 Unity Wireless offers FREE cell phone or tablet service to all qualified customers who sign up for the ACP services. All Unity Wireless ACP subscribers receive the benefit of no monthly bills, fees, credit checks, surcharges, or contracts. You may also qualify for a smart tablet with a one-time co-pay of $10.01. 


Why We Do It ?

Unity Wireless recognizes that life-saving communication tools are a necessity, not a luxury. The ability to phone family, friends, co-workers, career possibilities and emergency services wirelessly is now a basic requirement.

 We offer tens of millions of Americans the opportunity to obtain and qualify for great cellular services at no cost funded by the Affordable Connectivity Program. (ACP).


How It Works ?

 ACP service is provided by Unity Wireless to qualified Americans who are currently enrolled in a government benefit program or who fulfill specific income requirements set by their state. If you receive Food Stamps (SNAP), Medicaid, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Veteran’s Pension and Survivors Pension Program, or Section 8 benefits, you may be eligible. Each state’s eligibility requirements are different. Individuals can only have one ACP benefit subscription per household.Start your FREE cell phone or tablet service order today and become a valuable Unity Wireless customer!

How We Do It ? 

Because we are a recognized provider of the Affordable Connectivity Program operated by the FCC, Unity Wireless is allowed to provide FREE and subsidized wireless services. It enables low-income people who cannot afford a phone or a tablet to receive one at a minimum, ensuring that they have access to fundamental communication services that enable them to live safely, productively, and most important to keep them connected to their loved ones!

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